What is ChangED?

Founded in March 2016, ChangED is Ireland's only think-tank on education. Progressive, cross-sectoral and independent, ChangED fundamentally believes that education is a public good.


ChangED will actively pursue a well-resourced education system with the hallmarks of:

  • equality of opportunity
  • excellence in teaching and learning
  • openness and transparency
  • collaboration and creativity
  • innovation and the development of transferable skills
  • critical thinking
  • wellbeing and resilience
  • diversity and pluralism
  • hope

ChangED will inform the public debate about education policy and related fields to encourage a more egalitarian and inclusive society, which empowers, creates and sustains equality of opportunity and social development, shapes active citizens with a global outlook, improves student outcomes, reduces Ireland’s economic inequality, rewards diligence and hard work, and fosters social and economic entrepreneurship.

ChangED will support the right of every child to access an education in any Irish school, free from discrimination.

Acknowledging the important role of the State agencies involved in the provision of education in Ireland, ChangED will engage with all of the educational partners in a spirit of open collegial dialogue, highlighting the need for evidence-based curricular reform at all levels.

Mission Statement


  • To be a catalyst for educational change.
  • To engage with research in order to encourage wider educational debate and practice.
  • To foster cross-pollination of ideas among sectors.
  • To organise an annual EdSummit, where educationalists, parents, learners, industry and civic society leaders deliver talks on topics relevant to education policy and engage in rigorous, research-based debate.
  • To identify, celebrate and share best practice in education in Ireland
  • To examine international best practice and shape it for education in Ireland, where relevant.
  • To champion quantitative and qualitative improvements in the delivery of education and educational outcomes in Ireland.
  • To ensure Ireland is a world-leader in education.

Raison D'être

Why is ChangED required?

ChangED is required to facilitate and nourish a broader, more coherent, more ambitious and forward-thinking educational discourse in Ireland, informed by international best practice. This can be done in part by:

  • commissioning reports
  • commissioning consumer research which can articulate the Irish public’s attitude to education and future education changes
  • changing the conversation about education in order to change educational outcomes, utilising a combination of PR, research, policy, events, and digital media tactics
  • ensuring the voices of all stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, employers, further education etc.) are heard in the education system in Ireland
  • advocating for an Irish education system that works for Ireland, utilising a blend of the best in Europe/internationally and retaining our own effective Irish education initiatives
  • playing a role in generating an idea-culture in Ireland around education
  • championing creativity and resilience as key attributes among Irish children
  • addressing Ireland’s lack of educational pathway diversity where one-size-fits-all is a factor
  • fostering the individual, addressing the narrative that all education outcomes except university is ‘failure’

Education stakeholders are busy - parents, students, teachers, policy-makers, influencers, NGOs. They may not have time to consider the importance of the education culture in Ireland; where they see the value of changing the education conversation, they may not have the platform needed to have that impact.

These conversations do not necessarily happen organically. A cohesive, clever organisation like ChangED can play a major role in kick-starting this process.

ChangED seeks to engage with all of the educational partners and stakeholders in a spirit of open collegial dialogue, highlighting the need for evidence-based curricular reform at all levels.

Moreover, in introducing new ideas to Ireland and in welcoming new Irish voices to the education debate, ChangED can inform the public debate about education policy, with the aim of achieving its long-term goals:

Creating an education system which can:

  • encourage a more egalitarian and inclusive society
  • empower, create and sustain equality of opportunity and social development
  • shape future active citizens with a global outlook
  • improve student outcomes
  • reduce Ireland’s economic inequality
  • reward diligence and hard work
  • foster social and economic entrepreneurship

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