Submission Policy


The ChangED blog is open to anyone to make a submission. The aim is to stimulate debate with regard to educational matters and thus differences of opinions will be aired. All submissions must however, have some link to evidence rather than assertion and should be on substantive issues rather than personal criticism. 

The editorial team welcome articles of 500-750 words (including any references) that are:

  • short reports or summaries of research
  • opinion pieces
  • responses to policies
  • experiences as an educational researcher
  • experiences using reseaerch

Prospective contributors should ensure their contributions:

  • are research informed
  • avoid jargon, dense language and excessive references
  • provide links to sources where possible
  • use inclusive and non-derogatory language
  • do not include obscene or rude content, or content that belittles or attacked persons or groups
  • do not link to profane, obscene, rude, or illegal material or to sites that knowingly violate intellectual property rights

This is primarily a text-based blog but if you do wish to include an image, please contact a member of the editorial team.