A small business & career development professional, Eve believes that catalysing a 'prosperity process' locally & across the island of Ireland requires the creation of dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Human Capital is a pillar of those ecosystems. Beyond educating & training a workforce, Eve believes that we need a cultural shift in order to maximise the potential of individuals and small businesses. Confidence building and support in that process cannot be underestimated.

Ireland has had incredible start-up success stories. Serial entrepreneurs are emerging.

Eve's outreach includes creating communities to support and showcase those stories, provide opportunities for support, inspiration and mentorship as well as delivering both business and personal development programs.

The attitudes and cultural obstacles Eve addresses include:

• 'Pensionable jobs' valued over self-employment. We are risk averse.
• Requiring a highly skilled workforce and a view of entrepreneurship as a legitimate career path.
• Self-deprecation is rampant and necessary self-promotion is dimly viewed.
• 'Begrudgery' undermines ambition by under-valuing wealth creation.

The phases of this approach are reflected-

• In her private practice, Empowering Change, where Eve focus on individuals and small businesses.
• By focusing on building communities, creating networks and events providing opportunities for inspiration, motivation and peer-peer learning.
• Via an affiliation with Tangible Ireland, working in service of showcasing excellence in leadership here while driving connectivity across the Diaspora.

Expertise, support & mentoring is available globally. Eve harnesses this talent, using it to create opportunities for export, attract investment & critically to attract emigrants home.

Eve's vision is nothing short of an island of Ireland that sustains itself by exporting our intellectual property; not our young.

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