A leading businessman and entrepreneur, John Webb O’Rourke has a unique understanding of the business sector at both a local and national level. John has extensive experience of business across a range of disciplines including property development, property management, construction and local enterprise and initiatives.

John is Chairperson of Tangible Ireland. Tangible is an independent social and economic development organisation offering inspiration, training and support to business and civic leaders around the world on a commercial and pro bono basis.

Tangible's core services encompasses:

- Strategic Advice
- Management Advice
- Business Development Support
- Business Development/Sales Training
- Public Relations-Support Services
- Change Management
- Project Management
- Assistance with Entering New Territories

Through Tangible Ireland John provides access to immense opportunities for trade, investment, enterprise, R&D, education, arts and culture through collaboration among the 80 million people across the globe that have a strong affinity with the island of Ireland.

John is also MD of Zest Healthcare, based in Kilmallock, Co. Limerick. John is responsible for the day-to-day project management in the delivery of Primary Care Centres nationwide. John leads a team with a clear focus and commitment on bringing innovation, flexibility and strong organisational capacity to all projects. John recognises the clear need for a focused approach to the roll-out of the government-required number of Primary Care Centres, the key focus of the current government’s health strategy.

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