Shay Bannon, originally from Dublin, is an Education Consultant. His practice, Shaka Educational Consultancy, specialises in:

  • Expert witness
  • Safety consultant
  • Education strategy/innovation
  • Staff in-service
  • Facilitation, mentoring and working one to one with staff
  • School safety audits
  • Investigation reports for schools

Principal of CBS High School, Clonmel from 1991 - 2013, Shay was also the first President of the National Association of Principals and Deputies (NAPD), which set out to:

  • provide… a united voice for the organisations of Principals and Deputy Principals on issues of common concern;
  • ensure that Principals and Deputy Principals are treated as one of the “Education Partners” and are represented a of right on all relevant local and national bodies both statutory and non-statutory;
  • ensure that Principals and Deputy-Principals are consulted on all relevant matters and in particular on new initiatives which impinge on their role;
  • represent the views of Principals and Deputy Principals to all interested groups and relevant bodies;
  • provide support/advice for Principals and Deputy Principals through a secretariat.

Shay has also been a PDST Misneach Facilitator and a lecturer on Post Graduate Diploma in Educational Leadership (PGDEL) courses.


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