The ChangED Blog

About this Blog

ChangED will launch an education blog in November 2017. This blog - based on the model used by BERA (British Education Research Association - will become a hub of activity, full of thought-provoking pieces which seek to stimulate open educational debate on the island of Ireland

The ChangED blog will be established to provide research informed content on key educational issues in an accessible manner. The aim is to produce and promote articles that attract policy-makers, parents, teachers, educational leaders, members of school communities, politicians, and anyone who is interested in education today. The blog is edited by a small team combining representatives chosen by ChangED and ChangED Directors. All content is approved for publication by one or more of the team. However, the views of the authors are their own and the views expressed on this blog are not the official views of ChangED.

Blog Curators

To be announced. Expressions of interest welcome:

To act as a guide, we seek blog pieces which refer to (but are not restricted to)

Equality and Inclusion

  • LGBT
  • Minorities
  • EAL students
  • Direct provision

Partonage and Pluralism

Welbeing and School Culture

  • Leadership
  • Supported Leadership
  • Restorative Practice

ICT in Education

Teaching and Learning

  • Teacher education
  • General methodologies
  • Lessons from Europe
  • Career Guidance
  • An Ghaeilge
  • Assessment

Policy and Practice

  • League Tables
  • Spending on education

Early years/primary education

Higher education